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While there are many translations of the Bible, most of our content will be read from the NIV Bible. There are numerous versions of the NIV... we typically use the Zondervan Study Bible and the Cultural Reference Study Bible, also by Zondervan.


For most of our studies, we are fortunate to be granted the rights to use the writings from Insights Bible Study, hosted by Kensington Church. The FaithLift Sisters are not affiliated with or under the instruction of Kensington Church, but have been graciously allowed to discuss the homework that the Insights study group will be using. For more information about Insights, visit the Insights Bible Study website here.


We will use many outside references when we discuss passages. When a resource is used, we will be sure to let you know where we found the information.

Our theme song is Happy Streams, by David Fesliyan. Thanks for making us sound perky!

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